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Start a Candle Making Business



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Teacher: Bettie Wilde


Is it really possible to make money selling candles? Oh, yes, very much! Why? Because these simple, inconspicuous products are suddenly stealing the limelight as trending gift items and home decor products. What’s even more appealing about starting a candle business is that you sell a product that has demand throughout the year.


What Are The Top Categories To Consider To Make Money Selling Candles?

Scented or Perfumed Candles – These candles are used to render a refreshing touch to living spaces. Usually scented candles are purchased for special occasions. Also, performed candles are widely used at spas and massage parlors for aromatherapy purposes.  If you want to make money selling scented candles then you can choose fragrances like Vanilla, Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood, Peach, Lemon, Teakwood, Coconut, etc.

In this workshop You will learn how to make candles, how to create your logo and label and how to start your business selling.

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