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Homemade Natural Soap



Making Your Own Soap



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Teacher: Bettie Wilde


You really can start making soap without spending much on supplies and ingredients. Soap making is a fun craft that’s easy to master, provided you have good attention to detail and know-how to carefully follow directions.  Once you learn how to make soap, you can begin experimenting with your own homemade recipes, and truly make it your own!


Homemade soap is a real pleasure to make, and once you experience all-natural homemade soap I doubt you’ll ever go back to store-bought.

Making your own soap allows you to have complete control of the process, and knowing the exact ingredients gives you the peace of mind in our modern world of chemical additives.

The process may seem overwhelming at first, but once you’ve made your first few batches it’ll be second nature.  In truth, learning how to make your own soap is simple and only has a few steps from start to finish.

Kit included.

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