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Here at the WILDE BRANCHES Sisterhood Retreat you can feel comfortable in a welcoming environment to cultivate new forever friendships. Let go of any fears of not being able to form true bonds with other women. Here we encourage you to be your authentic self and we honor it. 



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It's great to hear that you're joining the Wilde Branches Sisterhood! This community is all about building authentic relationships between women based on trust, love, and honor. And with 2023 being dubbed the "Year of the Woman," there's no better time to come together and support one another. 

The premise of the weekend retreats (a much-needed getaway for many of us) is to connect with other women, our wild ancestors, and the sacred feminine in order to better understand ourselves. 


So what can you expect at a Wild Women retreat?


1. Body positivity

Whether you’re comfortable with your body at arrival or not, you’re certain to become even more so during your stay. This is a body positive non-judgemental community.


2. Self reflection

Bring your journal and favorite writing utensil because there’s a heavy focus on self reflection and healing during this time. Whether you’re struggling with your job, personal relationships, past traumas, making next steps, or anywhere in between, you’ll learn methods to help search for answers and be encouraged to dig deeper. 


3. Music & Dancing

Dancing in the moonlight with your sisters, honoring your inner Goddess.


4. Creativity 

Wild Women are some of the most wonderfully creative people you’ll ever meet. This retreat included several activities to help participants express themselves including a lesson in painting where you will paint yourself, make a goddess crown and your own sage bundle.


5. Time in nature

The retreat’s locations offered access to a San Juan Islands most coveted landmarks. 


Nature has a special place for Wild Women. It helps us reconnect with our inner and ancient selves – all the wild women who paved the way before us.


6. Camaraderie

Every great girls weekend is sure to have camaraderie and there was no shortage of it here! At a wild women retreat, it’s sure to start along with the opening circle around the fire on the first night where we set guidelines for the weekend and bear our souls.


This may sound like a daunting experience, especially in front of strangers, but I assure you that it’s quite therapeutic and will promote organic growth, conversation, and transformation over the weekend. 


So if you’re looking to getaway from the usual and to do some soul-searching with a sisterhood, look no further!

As we grow we will start sending out invitations to our sisters. Share and help grow the sisterhood where we meet up celebrate and honor the divine goddesses within.

As we get closer you will be emailed location. I look forward to seeing you and creating an amazing experience.

- Bettie Wilde



  • Opening night cocktail party with live music - This will be the perfect time to meet the other women attending the workshop. The extra time we have created throughout the workshop is intentional with the heart that you leave with community.

  • Two full days of WILDE BRANCHES Sisterhood Retreat with Bettie Wilde

  • Yoga Meditation

  • Breakfast, Wine and Pastries

  • Closing champagne toast in the garden

  • Creating: Goddess Crowns, Sage Bundles, Self Portraits

*Lodging is included


We are located in Friday Harbor, Washington. You will be sent the address after enrollment and closer to the workshop.

If you are flying in you can fly into either SEATTLE International Airport (SEA) or the FRIDAY HARBOR Airport (KFHR) *If you are flying in to Seattle, you will need to rent a car or take a shuttle to the Island.


Cancellation Policy

If you purchase a spot in a workshop and need to cancel, workshops and retreats are non-refundable. You may sell your spot to another person or if there is a waitlist for the workshop we will connect you with a person on the list.

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