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Learn How to Paint in the Abstract



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Leaves Shadow

Teacher: Bettie Wilde



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I am so excited to be sharing this online workshop with you. Painting has been so many things to me. It has allowed me to free my mind and really express the emotional side of myself. I spent years trying to learn how to be the perfect artist and because of that wound up putting my brush down many times. Once I let go of trying to meet standards I had put on myself I was free. Outside of the box wasn't enough for me, I wanted to see all my mistakes and make them beautiful.


In this course you do not need any experience, you are encouraged to bring reference photos that you find are meaningful to you. We will be doing portraits in charcoal and gesso. This is a safe place to explore your emotions and find your inner art form. Discover how music transcends through you and onto the canvas. My wish for you is that this journey will leave you more aware of who you are as an artist and give you the freedom to create your own masterpiece.

Classes are one on one and private

The training is 3 Hours and done in Zoom

Once you purchase I will schedule your class.

We will be painting in acrylic and charcoal, you will also need a little spray bottle filled with alcohol. You can use canvas, wood, watercolor paper or cardboard which is one of my favorite substrates.

Abstract Portraits with florals will be the class focus

I'm a certified Art Therapist so I can help you channel your emotions through your work. 

If you would like to work in a group setting on the island send me a message for your group rate.

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