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About Bettie

Hi I'm Bettie Wilde, I'm so excited to meet you. Being creative is such an amazing way to connect and meet people. I moved to Friday Harbor 14 year ago and it's now my home!


I spent a few years working on this and I'm happy to finally be bringing Wilde Branches School of Art & Design here to the island. Wilde Branches School of Art & Design is a no wall no boundaries learning institution. You can work from home, online, or out in nature. You will learn hands on to hone your favorite art form. Learning to bring the joy into what you do. Finding and connecting authentically with others in a creative environment.


If you were at the fair last summer you might have seen or met me at my booth.  There was a sign up sheet for classes and now classes are finally here! 

If you would like to be notified by email you can sign up for the newsletter here. I will send out emails when classes begins.

Still working out the prices, a lot of the classes do come with kits and is included in the price.

If you don't want a kit you can message me for cost without kits. 

We are beginning with Paint Parties because they are super fun! 

Brickworks is a fun place to host a party and just a beautiful barn with all the fixings.

Some classes are available as one on one only. Sign up to schedule a time that works.

So much more is coming so stay tuned!

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