White Washed Wood

Bettie Wilde American Figurative Artist - Born of Spanish/ West African descent, raised in New York City. 


Having no formal training Bettie Wilde opened up a wound and found herself in the midst of her pain. After losing her mother in quarantine to cancer without being able to say good-bye.  Wilde began her journey into art expression in as a way to help support those suffering from domestic violence, depression and anxiety.


Wilde is proficient at portraying Every Woman/Man and his struggles. Her work is created using whatever medium she finds on hand charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, pen, oil, pastels. 


Never setting out to become an artist, Wilde wears many hats.  She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, photographer, writer and filmmaker.


More about me:

"I eat cake and lollipops before bed and sleep with my tutu on. My hair is very long and you could get lost in the mess of it. I am a lover of llamas and am acquiring a large collection. I spend an unusual amount of time making music with my singing bowls."